The Benefits of care Farming

– Farming itself is a highly physical activity, it allows for gross and fine motor function development, encouraging physical activity and functional independence.

– Farming can be seen as a way to increase cognitive functioning, encourage general emotional and psychological wellbeing

– It encourages autonomy and self satisfaction, promoting the feeling of independence and self esteem with positive gains with self awareness and a feeling of success

– Learning how to care for animals and grow your own food.

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What Our Workshops Offer:

Depending on each individuals needs and the season, we are able to offer one on one support of an individual in our farm environment.  During the summer season, we will be working with pasture raised chicken and turkey, lawn maintenance and the care garden.  We pride ourselves in the care for our animals, our sustainable and humane farm practice and our support of the local community.  During the winter and colder months, ongoing care of our free range happy egg layers will continue as well as in the barn activities, including wood working and pre garden prep.  In the early spring we pride ourselves on our maple syrup production. We want to hear from you what you would enjoy doing!

We currently are accepting clients for respite during the day. 830 am until 3:30 pm. Monday to Friday. Message or call to book your space.

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All of Our Programs are Passport Funding Approved!

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