Wellington North’s Care Farm

What is a Care Farm?

A care farm is an outdoor space that allows for care, support and therapy in a wide range of populations. Enabling people to enhance their social, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in a supportive and safe space.  It promotes the activities found on a farm such as working with animals and others while outside to empower and enrich a person’s life

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We Also Offer

Fresh Tapped Maple Syrup

Free Range Happy Eggs

Free Range Chicken And Turkey

Garlic & Vegetables

What we do:

A Message from our Community Partners B.O.S.S Orangeville:

“Heather and Bart are hospitable, creative, and incredibly caring. You feel magnetized to them and their passion for farming and building community. A visit to Rosenglitter Farm is always an exciting time complete with chickens, bunnies, and learning about maple syrup. We also love hearing about their plans to continue growing the farm and their services as a welcoming space where everyone can have true belonging. We are beyond fortunate to have Rosenglitter Farm as a community partner and look forward to many more collaborations in the future!”

We also work closely with

New Obelink Farms

We are also accredited by the Foundation for Cooperation on Vocational Education Training and the labor Market (SBB)

If you are a student in Holland, looking to learn more about care farming here in Canada, please find us on their website.

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