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    Who are we?

    Bart and Heather Rosegaar

    Bart is a retired dairy farmer, Heather is an ICU nurse. Together they want to offer workshops and a safe space for people with special needs and neuro diversity on their farm. Bart grew up in Holland, moving to Canada in 2000 and starting a dairy farm near Arthur. Special care farms or ‘zorg boerderij” are well known to his family. His father started one near their home farm, The Lindeboom, and it is running to this day, selling yogurt, cheese and other milk products. Bart understands well the healing nature of working outside and with animals, as he has had a brain injury in the past from a motorcycle accident when he was 17. Bart was in a coma and required extensive rehabilitation, hard work and support, overcoming many obstacles. Bart has the lived experience of how care farming can be the perfect fit for people who have struggled with physical and mental health issues. Heather has volunteered with the special needs community for almost as many years as she has been nursing.

    The farm is open for visitors. We would like to offer you a space where you can learn, grow and just be with nature. We love learning new skills, teaching people, drinking coffee and chatting and of course caring for our hundreds of birds on the farm. We are offering respite during the week for individuals with dementia or who need one on one care. If this sounds like the space for you please just reach out.

    A Life lived outside is one of joy.


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